Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday – my purple merino dress

On Monday we had a ‘Nana Day’ – my Mum had a rare full day off work and we got to hang out with her all day. (Well Isabelle and I did, Noah had kindy in the afternoon.)

It felt a little chilly in the morning when we first set out, so I wore my purple merino dress (made by me!) and my black boots.

IMG_3309 IMG_3310

 *  Jazz hands * 

{ Outfit breakdown – Purple merino dress: made by me!!; boots: ‘Gino Ventori’ from Banks Shoes (birthday present from my parents 2 years ago.)Sun glasses: Max }

It actually turned out quite a warm day. I have to confess that by the time these photos were taken I had actually ditched my boots and was walking around Mum’s lawn in bare feet. (I just put them back on for the photos.)

In fact it was so warm, that at the time of these photos the kids were here …


We had a lovely day with Nana, and earlier that day, while Noah was at kindy; us ‘ladies’ had Devonshire tea at this amazing shop/ cafe. If you love high tea, shabby chic and Cath Kidston – you would love it there.



This is not the first time this merino dress of mine has experienced a high tea…  with the last time being my baby shower that my friends Rachelle and Fabiana threw for me when I was expecting Isabelle.


8 months preggo at my baby shower – think I was talking out the side of my mouth while this photo was taken – not my best facials ever!

In fact it was Rachelle that helped me sew this dress. I spent one day at her house, using her over locker, while our boys played together and she taught me some of her sewing hints like how to do darts etc.

As a wrap around dress it was a great learner/ junior sewing project and produced an awesomely versatile garment – as you can see I wore it while pregnant (stretchy and wrap around), actually laboured in it (and accidently left it at the hospital but luckily got it back!), breastfed in it with a breastfeeding singlet underneath and can dress it up or down with a belt or other accessories. … Plus it’s super comfy!

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Miriam said...

Great dress, and that cafe looks SO good too. I haven't made a wrap dress but i agree they are the ultimate in easy wearing and they always look good.

Jess Bosgra said...

LOVE your dress! Hmmm, maybe I should attempt to make myself one, if you promise they're easy! :)

Rachelle said...

Lovely dress, looks like you had nice weather up there today too.

Notchka said...

Awesome job on the dress.....gotta love those jazz hands!

Sandra said...

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