Thursday, 5 April 2012

Doodling/ Sketchy-ness

I really like all things sketchy and hand drawn at the moment. Including fonts that look like they are someone’s handwriting, but imperfect and uneven. It adds a bit of personality I reckon.

(In case you didn’t notice, this is the look I was going for in my new header.)

My Mum used to doodle when I was a kid, especially when she was on the phone. Lots of these little daisies. I used to copy her, but don’t find myself doodling so much these days – I blame the invention of the cordless phone. I mean what else was there to do when you were tied down by that cord, with those little squares of paper in front of you?

[Image from here]

I might have to begin doodling again – apparently it increases focus and recall.

[Image from here]

Kitchen floor doodling – I’m not quite brave enough to do this (and we are renting!) But an interesting concept nonetheless.

[Image from here]

How cute is this guy?

Actually all the doodles from that link are pretty adorable!

[Image from here]

A lot more than a doodle – I’m pretty in love with all of Sweet William's prints … but I’m for some reason especially drawn to this one and am on the verge of buying it for my kitchen.


[Image from here]

And… while it is no secret that I love all things Belle and Boo … I REALLY love this little sketchy print above. It reminds so much of my little Isabelle, or how I imagine she’ll look when she’s a little bit older.

And yes, I know – 2 blog posts in 1 day and it’s a holiday to boot (have I no life?) Well, currently I have 2 sleeping kids and have just enjoyed looking at these images on the net, so thought you might too!

Jen x

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