Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Wardrobe Wednesday : little teal belt

Please excuse the terrible photos, I just snapped off these this evening and the lighting was pretty terrible.

This month’s theme for Wardrobe Wednesday is ‘inspired by’ and I have to say that I’m constantly inspired by Sidewalk Ready, a fashion blog that I love. I’ve mentioned Sidewalk Ready on here before, and what I really love about it’s about everyday and affordable fashion.

A couple of weeks ago I was reading this sidewalk ready post and was really drawn to Kayley’s little teal/ turquoise belt. Perhaps this is because I really like this colour at the moment. Anyway after reading it I happened to find one at the op shop later that day! (It must have been meant to be!)



Outfit breakdown: grey cardi – thrifted (Max), pink polka dot top – witchery, pink thermal top – a gift from my Gran, teal belt – thrifted, Jeans – Levis, boots – Gino Ventori (birthday gift.)

The jeans I’m wearing here are brand new (I was desperately in need of new ones as my trusty Levis that I’ve had for around 6 years have giant holes in the knees). I’m loving them and have basically lived in them with all the bad weather we’ve been having recently.

Joining in here.

Jen x


Notchka said...

Lovely outfit Jen. I love that a causal outfit is made special by the teal belt. Your polka top is really pretty too.

Notchka said...

Oh - I just noticed the new header - its adorable!!

Miriam said...

Love it you look great and I love the way the colours play off each other